Indian inspiration

Spiritual Aspect

Indian interior decor isn’t just about decorations; it’s also about creating a home that promotes health and well being. Placing a statue or picture of Lord Ganesha in your foyer brings happiness, prosperity and abundance to the homeowners. Upon entering the home, the family is greeted with Ganesha, the Hindu god who preserves the world with beauty, order and peace. 

Hand-Carved Furniture

A common feature in Indian homes, carved wooden furniture made from exotic woods like teak and rosewood provide elegance and they are forever because of the solid quality. A headboard, screen or furniture is a creative use for an Indian rosewood.

Animal Design

Animal motifs are used a lot in Indian home decor, as animals play an important role in the Hindu religion. Elephants and Peacock are some of the famous prints.


Traditional Prints 

In addition to luxurious silks, printed cottons are a staple of Indian decor. Block printing is one of India’s oldest textile arts, as is tie-dye. Paisley pattern is a staple in Indian prints. 

Embroideries and Patchwork

Antique Indian bedspread, hand-stitched with beading and gold thread, transforms any bedroom into a vibrant, energetic space. Patchwork pillows handmade from old textiles and beaded sari covers are another vintage item from India that add burst of color.

Exotic Elegant

Rich colors and textures are key elements of Indian decor. Silks and other textiles bring elegance to any room.




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